Pimentel’s campaign sends tomato seeds to voters

Spring is the season for gardening, but this year, it’s also election time.
What is arguably the biggest election in Yolo County is the race for District 5 Supervisor between incumbent Duane Chamberlain and Woodland Mayor Art Pimentel. I happen to live in the 5th District and received a reminder Tuesday about what season it is.
It was from Elias and Margarita Pimentel, Art’s parents. They sent a form letter addressed to “friends and neighbors.” Inside the envelope was also a packet of beefsteak tomato seeds with the logo “Art Pimentel for Supervisor” on the front.
Now, I’ll probably give my roommate the tomato seeds but I was also interested in the letter.
“We both work in local farming, even today,” Elias and Margarita write. “So we know that Art will always fight hard to preserve our community’s farmland.
“We hope that you will accept these tomato seeds as a small gift from us. They are a symbol of our family’s agricultural roots. We hope it reminds you of Art’s roots … roots we know he will never forget.”
Pimentel’s father has worked for George Aoki Farms at the western end of Woodland for 33 years while his mother has worked for tomato-processing plant Pacific Coast Producers for 25 years. Processing tomatoes are Yolo County’s leading crop.
The tomato seeds also include a picture of Pimentel with campaign logo, “from here, for here.”
As a result of redistricting, the 5th District includes 70 percent of Woodland residents while rural and agricultural areas of the county make up the rest of the district. Chamberlain, who works as a hay farmer, has been seen as an advocate for farmers.


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